Joseph Lanzante The UK leader in hairdressing barbering and shaving courses

Hello and welcome to Cyprus! What were your first impressions of Tina Kay Hair & Beauty Training Centre and the students/participants that joined your presentation?

From the start I found Tina and her training center very professional, organized and inspiring; giving young people the opportunity to advance within the hair and beauty industry is truly inspirational.

Do you believe that Tina Kay’s Training Center makes a difference and forms a new kind of modern professionals?

I think that what Tina Kay is doing is giving young people the opportunity to progress in their chosen career to meet and exceed the highest of standards that she provides within the industry.

How susceptible are the clients, worldwide, in new methods and especially the one that JL Aesthetics provide -that of micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation for men and women is one of the fastest growing sectors in our industry, especially for balding men, women with thinning hair, alopecia, cancer patients and scars. The appeal of this particular treatment is its non-invasive methodology plus the fact it is a fraction of the cost of other more intrusive treatments.

How different or innovative is the micropigmentation treatment for baldness? Is this the only solution for someone with hair loss that wants to “cover” the scalp?

Scalp Micropigmentation differs from other baldness treatments as it is a form of tattooing that is not as invasive therefore there is no scabbing, no blood, immediate results plus the luxury of it having low maintenance aftercare. There are different solutions to covering baldness which Tina Kay is also offering alongside scalp micropigmentation; these being men’s integrated hair loss systems and ladies integrated hair loss systems.

In what ways are its effects and results spectacular and permanent?

Results are immediate; a client can leave immediately after their first session of treatment with their brand new look. It is life-changing in the fact that it is massively confidence boosting, and it is permanent; the pigmentation simply fades with the client skin tone over time naturally.

Does the procedure hurt, since micropigmentation replicated the cosmetic tattoo technique?

Most experience mild discomfort, however it is unlike the pain of a normal tattoo as specialists just implant the pigment within the first dermal layers of skin. Some may have heightened skin sensitivity due to conditions such as diabetes or having hyper-sensitive skin though at the other end of the scale some feel next to nothing at all.

What kind of people, women and men, trust your methods? Do you see a pattern there, e.g. more educated people, smarter, that prefer your specialization?

We have treated and trained people from all walks of life; our procedure is tailored for people who want to enhance their looks, look younger and regain their confidence. Our clientele base ranges through all ages, ethnicities and professions.

Hair replication (micropigmentation) can also help in receding, scarring, women apart from baldness. Are the results similarly spectacular? Do you see your method becoming the new thing?

Yes- definitely. Botox of the future.

Does hair really make a difference? In the way we feel, we act, we get chosen?

Throughout the ages, people have always wanted hair hence there being so many hair restoration clinics. When somebody loses their hair, they tend to lose their confidence, and this is a fantastic alternative to current more invasive treatments.

You have used hair replication on your scalp… do you feel more self-confident? Do you like yourself more? Do you feel happy giving this chance to other people?

My wife was dead against me having scalp micropigmentation because she was afraid of what it might look like and that it would be permanent; after having it done, she said it was the best thing I had ever had done and made me look a lot younger. I feel great. I feel privileged to give other people this chance because I’ve seen it change lives

Thank you very much for your time,

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